illustration of ALOT

ALOT is a color image collection of 250 rough textures, recorded for scientific purposes. In order to capture the sensory variation in object recordings, we systematically varied viewing angle, illumination angle, and illumination color for each material. We recorded one hundred images of each material. Additionally, we recorded linear mixtures of 12 materials, yielding more than 27,500 images for the collection. This collection is similar in spirit as the CURET collection. Although the number of view-illumination directions per material is only half the BRDF resolution of CURET, ALOT extents the number of materials almost by a factor 5, and it improves upon image resolution and color quality. Furthermore, different light source colors have been added to test (texture) color constancy algorithms. See Technical Details for a description of the acquisition setup.

For details, see:

G. J. Burghouts and J. M. Geusebroek, Material-specific adaptation of color invariant features,
Pattern Recognition Letters, vol. 30, 306-313, 2009.