Configuration Configuration of object images recordings (see Description):
Configuration of object images recordings
Lights OSRAM Tungsten Halogen 64637, 12V, 100W, 3100K
Light Controller Dimmer Osram HT 1-10 DIM,
Transformer Osram HT 150/230/12L
Cameras Sony DXC390P 3CCD, settings: gain 6dB.
Lenses Computar, 12.5-75mm, 1:1.2, settings: f=5.6mm,
    zoom=48mm (objects 1-750)
    zoom=15mm (objects 751-1000).
Rotation Stage Parker Hannifin Corporation 20505RT
(The rotation table is set up for 800 steps per revolution.
Maximum speed is 5.22 rpm.)
Rotation Stage Controller Parker Hannifin Corporation, power supply P25L,
stepper driver L50, stepper motor SY563T
Frame Grabber Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd. CORONA_II PCI framegrabber.